The foundation

The Ten Million Club Foundation (Stichting de Club van Tien Miljoen) was founded by a group of private individuals in the Netherlands who see overpopulation as the common denominator of most social problems: excessive pressure of numbers creates congestion and stress, and current consumption in Europe leads to gigantic levels of environmental pollution. The Foundation aims to bring about public awareness of the need to reduce our own numbers drastically if we are ever to come to grips with all the other problems, which – with only slight over-simplification – can be seen as symptoms of the overriding issue of overpopulation.


The argument as such is not new. People have tended to ignore it for one very sound reason: right-wing extremist groups have latched on to it for purposes of their own and nobody in his right mind would want to be associated with these groups and their misconceived notions of what makes people different from one another. Overpopulation of the magnitude we are facing in Europe is not due to the few million who have migrated here during recent decades. Overwhelmingly it is due to the rate at which indigenous Europeans themselves have multiplied over the last century or so. This is the main issue and it is where we have to look for a solution. While it is impossible to ignore immigration when setting out proposals for a responsible population policy at national, European and even global level (as we obviously must), the main aim needs to be the reduction of the number of surplus births all round.


Our Foundation is Dutch, and intends to operate within the Netherlands. Ours is one of the most seriously overpopulated countries in the world, and we have begun to try and convince the Dutch public at large and those in authority especially that the Dutch population needs to be reduced from a present level of more than 16 million to 10 million to begin with, and very probably to a figure far below that at some later stage. The reasons why, and the methods by which we hope that this may be achieved, are defined in the accompanying documents. On a European and global level we intend to work together with like-minded organisations in other countries. We believe the above to be of some interest to your readers.


Paul J. Gerbrands, President


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